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Mobile Forms is the solution for mobile data collection through Smartphones and Tablets that turns paper based forms into Mobile Applications.

How it works

Mobile Forms is the solution designed to enable companies to digitilize and dematerialize the mobile data collection process.

Video showing Mobile Forms features

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Mobile Forms, through a Web based management console and its native App for Android devices lets you remotely interact with the staff of your company delegated to collect data on field.
Simply using a browser on your PC you can login to the management console in order to:

  • draw from scratch the forms for data collection or edit the example forms already present
  • assign scheduled activities;
  • create/manage extemporary activities directly on devices owned by agents;
  • reduce the risk of errors compared to traditional data entry by paper;
  • acces in real time data collected by agents on field.

No loss of data nor errors due to manual trascription. Informations, thanks to the use of the mobile application, are directly collected in a digital form even if your device is offline. Collected data are available in real time to the operators logged in on the management console and can be exported in pdf or excel format in order to be used together with other systems already present in your company.


Web console

Web based management console, with an easy and intuitive interface, that does not need any installation on users PCs.

Native app

Native app for mobile Android devices, able to work also offline, that automatically manage the transmission of data when in coverage.


Multi-language available interface for the management console and native app.

Parametric forms

Maximum flexibility thanks to the possibility to parametrically define the structure of the forms you need in order to collect data based on a wide variety of input type fields: text, integer and decimal number, select, radio button, checkbox, date and date/time picker.


Complete management of the scheduling, assignment and tracking of all the activities.

Cartographic functions

Geo-referencing of customer's offices/places in which activities must be executed in order to view them on map both on the console and inside the mobile application.


Scanning of barcodes and qr-codes using the device camera.

Digital signature

Digital signature acquisition on the display of the mobile devices using finger or capacitive pen.


Chanche to attach Photos and Videos coming from the device camera.


Systematic and automated storage of collected data in a cloud repository always available.


Data security guaranteed by the use of secure communication protocols.

Integration APIs

Full integrability with third parties systems thanks to the availability of Rest APIs.


The activation of the service require no cost and you have a 30 days free and without obligation trial at the end of which you can decide if you want to continue or not to use the service based on the following pricing model.

The use of the solution require the payment of a subscription fee varying based on the number of activated user licenses and on the used storage space.

User license - 1 Month
€ 27,00 + VAT


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User license - 6 Months
€ 144,00 + VAT

that is
€ 24,00 + VAT / month

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User license - 1 Year
€ 240,00 + VAT

that is
€ 20,00 + VAT / month

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Every user license enables a concurrent access in order to use the solution through the management console or the mobile application.

When the service is activated you receive a base 10 GB storage space indipendently from the number of activated user licenses.

Additional storage space

When data storage limits are reached the system stop saving data coming from the devices. The Customer can then delete old data in order to free space or buy additional slots of data storage space.

Slot 50 GB - 1 Month
€ 12,00 + VAT


Slot 50 GB - 6 Months
€ 64,80 + VAT

that is
€ 10,80 + VAT / month

Slot 50 GB - 1 Year
€ 108,00 + VAT

that is
€ 9,00 + VAT / month

Extension and renewal policies

The Customer is always able to activate new slots of data storage space and client licences in addition to those of the first activation/last renewal.
New additional services will prorate: the expiring date will be the same as the main service and the cost will be calculated based on the number of months, rounded up for excess, left to the end of the subscription.

No auto-renewal of the service.

Free trial

Are you interested in Mobile Forms?
Start now a free 30 days trial and discover all its potentialities

The 30-days free trial gives you access to:
  • Unlimited activity types
  • 10 GB of storage space for your activities data
  • 1 user licence
  • Download of standard PDF report for each activity
  • Data export in excel / CSV format

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