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Giacomo Marchini
Head of Logistic & Warehouse

Riccardo Baccini
Head of Workshop Equipment & Layout building

Hitachi Rail STS SpA
Pistoia Plant

Hitachi Rail STS SpA www.hitachirail.com

Logo di Sistema Gestione Mangazzini Special projectSpecial CMS - Cars Monitoring System project (derived from the SGM Warehouse Management System solution) to digitize the processes of moving "cars" or railway carriages during their construction throughout the construction process within the production plant of Hitachi Rail STS S.p.A. in Pistoia.

Hitachi Rail STS S.p.A. is an integrated railway group, leader in the mobility sector, which offers sustainable solutions capable of guaranteeing safe and comfortable transport for passengers. We are distinguished by our sophisticated operational (OT) and production technology, state-of-the-art IT and the high quality and reliability of our products. Our goal is to use our technology and our work to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and the well-being of people around the world, improving their quality of life.
In 2021 we launched an initiative aimed at improving the efficiency of one of our most important processes in the production sector, namely the internal handling of the carriages and railway trains that we build at the Pistoia plant.
The innovative startup Dogobit (in partnership with Superutensili) was chosen as our partner for the development of this project, in which practically all the production departments of the Pistoia plant, the testing department, the planning function and obviously the maneuvers department were involved. As part of the development of the CMS Dogobit immediately maintained a constantly proactive approach aimed at involving all the stakeholders involved, accepting the various requests and wishes.

These elements, combined with the high competence and the ability to grasp all the needs expressed by Hitachi, have created a strong synergy and collaboration within the working group, aspects that have allowed (even starting from scratch) the development and creation of the CMS system in a relatively short time.

The new software, based on an extremely interactive and user friendly operating logic, thanks to a digitized map of the plant on which the carriages and trains present in the plant are represented, allows you to program the movement inside the plant in few clicks by the department's heads enabled and authorized to enter this type of request. In this way, the backlog of the handling missions to be performed is generated and sent in real time to the crews of the maneuvers on their mobile devices, so they, directly on the field, can perform and confirm that they have been carried out their task.
The complexity of our Production Process is represented by various factors, characteristic and unique of this sector, and handling activities are one of the main ones as they are fundamental for guaranteeing its correct progress.
Despite these aspects and these complexities, the system was created and developed managing to meet 100% of our requests and its full use was achieved without particular difficulties, already during the first week after go-live and actually exceeding the expectations we had accrued. In fact, it was immediately possible to perceive the advantages of the new tool with the full satisfaction of all the functions directly involved but also staff functions, such as our Security and Planning bodies, which thanks to the CMS today have the possibility of accessing quickly and immediately to a whole series of data that were not available before.

One tool above all, the interactive map that updates in real time allowing you to have an immediate view of where each carriage or convoy is, where they have been and where they will be, is an extremely powerful tool that has allowed us to project the management of this portion of the business in a logic in step with the current times and which lays the foundations for a series of possible future additions on which we are already hypothesizing possible evolutions for the extension of the new system in further areas.

Diego Cilea
CIO Surfaces Group

Luna Abrasiv Srl - A company of Surfaces Technological Abrasives Group

Luna Abrasiv Srl

Sistema Gestione Mangazzini logoSGM, for the management of internal logistics and order management with the use of industrial handhelds in production plants. Fully integrated with BMS the ERP produced by Time Srl.

Luna Abrasivi, a company of the Surfaces group, has been a leader in the sector of tools for processing ceramics for over thirty years, granite and marble for building use and has been present on the world market for more than 20 also with diamond tools for cutting, polishing and squaring and with products for surface treatments such as resins and protective products.
In 2018 we turned to Dogobit to digitize the management of semi-finished and finished products in the warehouses of our plants in Vezzano Ligure (SP) and Fiorano Modenese (MO). We therefore introduced the use of industrial handhelds to facilitate the inventory and component picking operations in principle for production, to then gradually extend it to the management of supplier orders, customer orders and shipments.

SGM's web console and PDA application have become fundamental work tools, facilitating and speeding up various internal processes, from the simplest relating to the storage of the most complexes relating to the production of documents and bills thanks to the direct interaction of SGM with the ERP BMS and with network printers.

Furthermore, all the data collected by SGM have become part of the company knowledge base and are processed by the Business Intelligence systems to further optimize the processes.

Andrea Ciullini
CIO Società Cooperativa CFT

Società Cooperativa CFT

Società Cooperativa CFT

Supervisor ProSupervisor Pro to manage the outsourcing activities related to some orders of the CFT Cooperative - in particular those related to the management of greenery on behalf of Tuscan companies and municipalities.

CFT is a modern cooperative company specializing in integrated logistics services. Founded in 1974 within the fruit and vegetable market of Florence, CFT has its origins in the early twentieth century, when the porters of Piazza Ghiberti decided to join a cooperative. After having established itself on the market for transport and logistics services for large-scale distribution, over the years CFT has pursued business diversification policies, oriented towards global service, expanding its business also in the facility management sector and guaranteeing an integrated offer to its customers.
The company develops its business in the field of integrated logistics considering handling, transport and facility management as a single complex activity to be managed with managerial criteria and engineering analyzes. The integrated approach allows CFT to represent for the customer a real partner capable of managing, innovating and making the supply chain more efficient.
Since 2018 Dogobit has made its Supervisor Pro solution available to us to manage some of our contracts with companies and public bodies in Tuscany. Lately we have requested the implementation of additional functions that have allowed us to recover all the data of our old work reports management system to start managing them in the Supervisor Pro platform.

Thanks to the new Supervisor Pro reporting module, we were able to dispose of our old Access application, bringing all the data and reports we had into a modern cloud solution, plus all the other functions that this platform offers us in terms of organization, planning and reporting.

The flexibility of Supervisor Pro and Dogobit's proactive approach are helping us to streamline the management of our numerous orders.

Niccolò Guiducci
CEO Reklame

Reklame Srl

Reklame Srl

Special projectSpecial project, platform to optimize the management of advertising communication campaigns by interfacing multiple third-party systems.

Our core business is multi-channel advertising communication: web - social - email. It is a world that changes quickly and is enriched day by day of new technologies and new business models. Before turning to Dogobit a large part of our time was spent on connect to various third party systems to organize campaigns, upload content, schedule mailings and collect results data.
Now, thanks to the platform created together with Dogobit, we are able from a single Web console to program campaigns on a system capable of easily interface multiple sending engines and feedback systems for actions performed by users (millions of events per day).

The platform created together with Dogobit has therefore allowed us to significantly increase efficiency and now we can react more quickly to changes in the regulations of this sector, managing to keep up with the evolution of technology and business models.

Finally, we have also optimized infrastructure costs thanks to the software platform's ability to be hosted in cloud environments able to vary the use of computing resources based on the traffic generated on the system.

Plant manager
B&C Speakers

B&C Speakers Spa

B&C Speakers Spa Eighteen Sound

Sistema Gestione Mangazzini logoSGM, for the management of internal logistics with the use of industrial handhelds in production plants. Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP.

Since 1946, B&C Speakers has been one of the largest and most prestigious manufacturers of professional speaker transducers in the world. In addition to designing and distributing components under the B&C brand, supplies OEM components to many of the best professional audio brands on the market today.
In 2017, we turned to Dogobit to introduce the use of industrial handhelds in the management of Lean production in our factories to facilitate in principle, the operations of inventory and picking of components for production, and then gradually extend it to the internal handling of goods and the preparation of shipments.

Since then we have been using Dogobit's SGM warehouse management system solution, which proved to be very flexible and fast right from the start; able to integrate perfectly with our ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV allowing us to start working with industrial handhelds and portable printers in a very short time.

Over the years, thanks to Dogobit's technical support and professionalism, we have extended the use of SGM to our subsidiary 18 Sound and we have enriched it with additional functionalities and user interfaces for fixed workstations, as well as making it interact with other IT systems and machinery.

Yuri Mazzucotelli
Head of the service

Ristorando Società Cooperativa a r.l.

Ristorando Società Cooperativa

Sistema Gestione Mangazzini logoSGM, for the preparation of baskets with meals to be delivered to the places where they are dispensed, based on daily orders.

Ristorando began its activity in February 1995 when the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Prato, without an internal canteen, turn to the Parish of S. Pietro a Mezzana for the supply of meals through the kitchen present at the parish retirement home "Casa Serena ". In the following years, requests for the supply of meals also come from crèches, social centers, cooperatives that work with people with disabilities and summer camps. Ristorando now is a cooperative company that produces and delivers meals to schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, canteens and offices in the Prato area and neighboring municipalities.
In 2021 we turned to Dogobit to start digitizing our internal procedures, starting with the preparation of the meals to be delivered present in an excel file that we compile daily through another application. Orders are loaded from time to time in SGM by importing the excel file as it is. SGM processes it and makes the information available to operators in charge of preparing the containers to be delivered. The employees work using an APP on industrial handheld devices and prepare the packages to be shipped guided by SGM. They do this very quickly by shooting the barcodes of the customers applied to the baskets and those with the coding of the meals produced in the kitchen and in case of preparation errors they are promptly notified.

Thanks to SGM and the use of PDAs, our operators can prepare all the expected deliveries more quickly and without making mistakes, with great savings in time and greater satisfaction from our customers.

Given the modularity of SGM we have in perspective to evaluate the possibility of activating other functions, in particular that for the management of the perishable goods warehouse.