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Supervisor Pro is the FSM (Field Service Management) solution for the programming, supervisioning and reporting of the activities provided for internal orders or Global Service contracts.

How it works

The solution, through the use of a Web management console and a Mobile app, makes it possible to:

  • Plan the activities for each contract both spot or based on chronoprograms;
  • Monitor the execution of the activities by the operators present inside the company;
  • Give access to external users, that's to say the users of the of the customer in the case of contract for global service, in order to verify the executions of the activities themselves;
  • Give access to the data of the activities only to users, both internal and external, that really have rights on them;
  • Slim the process for field data acquisition so reducing time/costs due to manual insertion of the collected data and avoiding errors related to data transcription.

In partcular:

  • through the Web management console it is possible to program, monitor and give real-time visibility to your clients on the activities carried out according to the managed contracts;
  • through the Mobile app the field operators collect the data relating to the performed activities and automatically send them to the system, making the supervision of the contracts transparent.


Access management

Multi-units and multi-order environment to enable compartmentalized access to activites data from both members of the units of your company and your customers.

Web console

Web based management console, with an easy and intuitive interface, that does not need any installation on users PCs.

Native app

Native app for mobile Android devices, able to work also offline, that automatically manage the transmission of data when in coverage.

Parametric forms

Maximum flexibility thanks to the possibility to parametrically define the structure of the forms you need in order to collect data based on a wide variety of input type fields: text, integer and decimal number, select, radio button, checkbox, date and date/time picker.

Advanced scheduling

Complete management of the scheduling, assignment and tracking of all the activities. Use of complext patterns in order to deal with recurrent activities.

Cartographic functions

Geo-referencing of customer's offices/places in which activities must be executed in order to view them on map both on the console and inside the mobile application.

GIS functions

Chance to associates geomwtric shapes to the type og places where activities have to be executed and to import cartographic data from GIS systems.

Internal chat

Internal chat to enable interaction between internal users and customer supervisors on every single activity.


Multi-language available interface for the management console and native app.


Scanning of barcodes and qr-codes using the device camera.

Digital signature

Digital signature acquisition on the display of the mobile devices using finger or capacitive pen.


Chanche to attach Photos and Videos coming from the device camera.


Systematic and automated storage of collected data in a cloud repository always available.


Data security guaranteed by the use of secure communication protocols.

Integration APIs

Full integrability with third parties systems thanks to the availability of Rest APIs.

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