Custom projects

Full Stack Solutions

We develop complete solutions from back⁃end to front⁃end

We develop complete software solutions from back-end to front-end using a proprietary framework based on a MEAN like stack (MySql - MongoDB / Express / Angular / Node).
Our solutions are high scalable, can be deployed on PaaS platforms like Amazon AWS Beanstalk and can interact in various ways with different kinds of cloud services:

  • cloud storage services like Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage;
  • services for cloud databases like Amazon RDS and Google Cloud SQL;
  • services for massive mail sending like Amazon SES;
  • services for DEM sending like Mailgun and Mailchimp.

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Mobile Solutions

We develop enterprise and consumer mobile applications


We develop mobile enterprise solutions optimized for rugged device by Zebra Technologies based on Android operating system.

We execute porting of mobile applications developed fot devices based on Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating systems, towards new devices based on Android operating system.

We develop general purpose applications, both for iOS and Android OS, based on Ionic framework. The applications can be interfaced with standard data sources (like RSS fedds, Rest API and Wordpress sites) or with the back-end of our applications based on Dogobit Enterprises Framework.

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Feasibility study, design and realization of hardware and software architectures

Do yuo have an idea but you don't know how to realize it? Rely on our experience, we will help you enginnering and realizing it.
The success of a project rely on an accurate analysis and design phase: rely on our eperience to realize a propedeutic feasibility study.

About Us

Dogobit Enterprise Framework

The powerfull and smart framework for the development of enterprise solutions


Dogobit Enterprise Framework is our proprietary, based on a MEAN like stack (MySql - MongoDB / Express / Angular / Node), that we use to develop complete software solutions.
The back-end server is a high scalable component designed to deal with data storage and retrieval and to interact with a variety of data sources (third-party services, mobile devices, IoT devices). Our development stack, based on Sails.js framework, let us be more flexible with respect to the standard MEAN stack letting us interact with many different types of databases (MongoDB, MariaDB/MySQL, Redis, etc.).
Our fron-end is made up of both administrative web consoles and dedicated mobile applications. Administrative web consoles are developed on the basis of the Angular framework and are based on the use of responsive template in order to guarantee their usability on mobile devices.